Embrace your Difference (5 Path Book Series: Wake Up & Deviate 2)(Kindle Edition)


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Do you need someone to talk to about how to live your life OR how to discover your purpose OR answer the question why are you here?

As unemployment is at an all-time high, the young generation who have graduated from high school and University are lost with no luminous direction on how to start their journey.

As the youngest in society have no one rooting for them; Beijing believes no one should be abandoned, especially the most imaginative, creative minds the world produces.

Furthermore… Beijing has a passion for empowering young people to not live meaningless lives. From the life lessons learnt in her life, she teaches you how to stop existing & start living the life you were created for by stepping on these new paths with confidence:

PATH I: Wake Up & Deviate from the Norm
PATH II: Embrace your Difference
PATH III: Pursue your Passions
PATH IV: Light your Vision
PATH V: Step into your Greatness

We have ONE life, and we all have something to contribute to the world during our lifetime. So why not start doing what’s necessary NOW, so the world can enjoy who you are and the message you have to exhale?


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